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At Helping Hands, our national expertise ensures we can meet your needs. Because we have the big picture when it comes to security, we can focus on solutions for your specific circumstances, wherever you may be.

Helping Hand has offices around the country, ensuring that a local management team is in reach. In addition, you can expect support from a portfolio manager and accounts team at the national level. Our National Accounts team creates effective business structures and lends expertise that contributes to your success. You get everything you need.

  • A proven national model, customized to your needs
  • National and local leaders who have strong local relationships
  • Crisis management
  • Temporary personnel and emergency staffing resources
  • Online resources
  • Shared best practices
  • Billing coordination


Manufacturing Plant Security

No matter what your company is making, someone may want to stop you or steal your ideas, products, and prototypes. Having a security presence, either armed or unarmed, can help protect your manufacturing plant and all its contents.


Financial Institutions

Any time the economy is tight, financial institutions are at greater risk of robbery by desperate people looking for a way to survive monetarily. Hiring armed or unarmed security can help discourage robberies and related activities.


Government Officials

Working for the government can be an unpopular job, putting people at risk. With armed or unarmed security, government officials can feel much safer in their daily activities.


Campus and School Security

School shootings are an unfortunate risk to children and adults, but a strong security presence helps discourage those who may be contemplating this kind of activity.


Event Security

Some events cause tension in the community, and there will always be people who aren’t supporters of your cause. Rather than spend your event worrying, hiring security can let you enjoy the day.


Building Security

With troubled economic times a factor in the lives of many people, squatting in vacant properties has become more common. A security presence at your vacant residential or commercial property can discourage that.


Construction Site Security

Because construction sites are often empty at night and on the weekends, they are prime targets for thieves. Security guards will protect your valuable construction materials from disappearing.


Customized Programs

We offer custom security services that are personalized, scalable plans designed to adequately cover all of your needs and leave no stone unturned.


Executive Protection

Trade secrets, high-dollar accounts, and the need to make impactful decisions can all make executives a target for violence. Executive Protection services can help you feel safer and lower your risk of being harmed.


Retail Security

Retail shops are common targets for theft, but having security guards discourages stealing and other criminal activities. That can help a retail store operate more efficiently.


Hospital Security

Grief and fear can make people react poorly. With security at your healthcare facility, you can quickly control any situation that might otherwise get out of hand.


Metal Detector Monitoring

Events are more protected with metal detecotrs upon entry to facility to ensure not guns, knives and other weapons enter the premises.

Strength, Reliance and Integrity You can Trust

Helping Hand Security Ambassadors offers top rated Security Guard and Patrol Services across thr country. When you need armed or unarmed security for yourself, your property, or your business, you want a company that has what it takes to keep you and the things that matter most to you safe and protected.

At Helping Hand, we promise to share our strength, provide you with reliable private security services, and show you we have integrity in everything we do. We can meet all your security guard and patrol service needs.

Some Recent Clients

Fayette County Public Schools

  • Metal detector monitoring
  • Bag checks to make sure no weapons are brought into schools
  • Personable greeters to all visitors of the property

The Landmark (College Park MD)

  • Foot patrol security officers
  • Digital security reports
  • Real-time security updates for clients
  • Access control
  • Property camera monitoring

Currently Working in these Areas of the Country

    • Kentucky

    • California

    • Virginia

    • Maryland

    • North Carolina

    • Georgia

    • Ohio

    • Florida

    • West Virginia


    Thanks for your outstanding services, any adjustments we need to make you guys are always quick to respond and deliver.

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    It’s been a pleasure doing business with you and your team for the last four years and look forward to continuing our business relationship going forward.

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